Painted In Exile

Painted in Exile is an American progressive metal band from from Long Island, New York. Their influences include technical death metal, jazz, mathcore, hip-hop and metalcore. To date, they have released two EPs: 3.14 Demo in 2008 and Revitalized in 2009. Band members: Current Robert Richards — Vocals (2007-Present) Marc Lambert — Guitar (2008-Present) Eddie DeCesare — Drums & Percussion (2007-Present) Alan Hankers - Piano & Keyboards (2011-Present) Ivan Chopik - Guitar (2011 - Present) Former Connor Larkin — Bass (2010) Vincent Romanelli - Bass (2008-2010) James Murphy — Guitar (2007-2010) William Murphy - Keyboard (2007-2010) Zak Avanzato - Bass (2007-2008) Marcus Becker - Guitar (2007-2008) From the band: "Revitalized Shirts and CD's are available at this location! By purchasing from this website you are directly supporting the band! : Most illegal torrent rips have terrible quality of revitalized that include skipping, squeaking and idle mic sounds. The CD quality does not contain any of this and sounds much much better! It's under $4 and you'd be helping us out greatly! Thank you!" Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.