Paralysed Age

Paralysed Age is a gothic rock and darkwave-band from Northern Germany, founded in 1991. The music of Paralysed Age clearly has influences from the post-punk and the new wave era. Marked by this style, influenced by a lot of other genres, like folk and synthpop, Paralysed Age are searching for their own path to modern gothic wave, a sound with a morbid and melancholic character. Their songs often deal with vampires, bats and other "creatures of the night". Descriptions of fears and nightmares, but also resumes of the night with dreams and hopes are the lyrical path of Paralysed Age. Also, the horror story-like songtexts contain sorrow with a touch of irony - as can also be seen with individuals such as Bram Stoker or Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe inspired much of the music by Paralysed Age. On their album "Tragedia Nosferata" they were inspired by the Romanian symbolist poet, the "damned" George Bacovia, using one of his poems for one of their song-lyrics. Members * Michael Knust - vocals, guitars, keys, sampling * Andrea Knust - bass, keys, vocals Discography * Maxi-CD "Bloodsucker", 1994 (Glasnost Records) * CD "Nocturne", 1994 (Glasnost Records) * CD "Empire of the Vampire", 1999 (Dancing Ferret Discs) * CD "Into The Ice", 2002 (Dancing Ferret Discs) * CD "Tragedia Nosferata", 2006 (Dancing Ferret Discs) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.