Paté de Fuá

Paté de Fuá was founded in Mexico by the well known musicians Yayo Gonzalez and Guillermo Perata. Paté de Fuá grew out of the motivation and need to make a concrete proposal which combines different musical influences, thus developing a musical posture that makes their approach rather unique. With an uncommon instrumental variety (accordion, bandoneon, cavaquinho, banjo, cornet, alto horn, guitar, vibraphone, marimba, contrabass, drums and voice), Paté de Fuá is an unconventional proposal offering extreme change because the musicians play more than one instrument. Giving priority to the personal concept of their interpretation, making original compositions and arrangements, and keeping careful selection of the repertoire, Paté de Fuá has become one of the most distinguished groups within the Mexican musical scene. The original compositions are from Guillermo Perata and Yayo Gonzalez. These compositions have a strong influence from old musical styles, which are widely enriched with the talent of the musicians of the band. The repertoire includes dixieland jazz, mussete waltz, fox-trot, tango, tarantella, paso doble, and distinctive elements of the traditional world music, explored and composed by these outstanding musicians; with their creativity they offer us a rather unique style that leads to a modern attitude that has not been previously known. The nature of the band is mainly acoustic, warm, and enormously versatile. They have great artistic, creative, and interpretative backgrounds. They all come to Paté de Fuá from different musical pathways such as Jazz, Tango and Classical music leading to the merging of their styles and personalities which in itself creates the identity that characterizes the project. Considering that in today’s musical horizon it is much easier to fall into repetitive formulae, that express abstract languages with nonlegible speeches, to force avant-garde expressions, Paté de Fuá proposals, not diminishing the others, searches exactly the opposite. Paté de Fuá proposes without forcing, invites by the work itself, from the own musicality and essence of its content. The complexity of such material is not in the language, but in the careful selection through the search and development of musical material. Which rescues the basic spirit of the music that is, was and will be, born to be listened. Guillermo Perata: Cornet, Banjo, Cavaquinho, Alto Horn, Composition & Musical Arrangements. Yayo Gonzalez: Guitars, Voice, Composition & Lyric Writing. Víctor Madariaga: Accordion & Bandoneon. Alexis Ruiz: Vibraphone & Marimba. Jorge Luri Molina: Contrabass. Gabriel Puentes: Drums. Guillermo Perata: Cornet, Banjo, Cavaquinho, Alto Horn, Composition & Musical Arrangements. He was born in Buenos Aires the 31 of January 1973. He studied classical trumpet with Pascual Mazzitelli (Teatro Colón Orchestra). He developed remarkable features in improvisation in an autodidact form, integrating since 1992 musical groups with different styles. Since 1998 he is a leading instrumentist and arranger “Los Rolling Stompers”, With this group he has performed in the most important stages of Buenos Aires. In 1999 he formed the "2-Trumpet Quartet” and in the same year he takes part in the Argentinian Jazz Orchestra. In July of the 2000 he traveled to the “34th Montreaux Jazz Festival” with the “Buenos Aires Jazz Orchestra”, as one of the main soloists. Since 2003 he is living in Mexico city and has participated in diverse projects such as “Tijuana Trash”, "Arte 01 Big Band" and "La Tricota del Ritmo". In 2004 he forms the group "Los Rolling Stompers" again with some of the most remarkable mexican jazz players and in 2005 Paté de Fuá. Yayo Gonzalez: Guitars, Voice, Composition & Song Writing. He was born in Buenos Aires Argentina the 14 of may of 1977. He is a composer, singer and guitar player. He studied at the “Escuela Popular de Música del Sindicato Argentino de Músicos” (1997-2002) and in the “Conservatorio Nacional Juan Manuel de Falla” (1998-2003) and is currently living in Mexico City where he has founded Paté de Fuá. He has taken courses with Eduardo Kacheli, Juan Benítez, Armando De la Vega and Gustavo Mozzi among others. He has taken part in different musical groups: Plaque Trío: A Tango guitar trio, where as a founding member and arreglista has developed or pefomed (se ha desarrollado) during the period of 1998 to 2002 and participated in Tango festivals in Argentina such as the fetival of music from the “el festival de la música del sindicato argentino de músicos “ sharing scene with artists such as Rodolfo Mederos and León Gieco. Yayo y los Gonzalez: Southamerican popular music quintet, were he has worked as a composer, arreglista, guitar player and Singer during the period of 1999 to 2003. With this group he traveled to Mexico for the first time and participated in the historical center Festival in Mexico city. He is also a founding member of the quartet Cuatro de Copas and de Duo Los Mareados.Now a days with Paté de Fuá he has performed in great scenaries and festivals of Mexico such as Festival del Zócalo, Festival del Desierto San Luís Potosí, Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Zinco Jazz Club, Papa Beto Jazz, Centro Cultural Juan José Areola Casa del Lago, Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, Colegio de México, Pata Negra, among others. Víctor Madariaga: Accordion & Bandoneon. He was born in Mexico City and studied accordion at the . Escuela Nacional de Música de la UNAM. During two years he studied accordion at the Gniesin Institut in Moscow Russia and became the first latinamerican student with a scholarship in that institution, one of the most prestigious world institution in the accordion cathedra He took magistral classes with Aldo Rizzardi and Claudio Jacomucci italian accordionists and with the argentinian bandoneonist and composer Cesar Olguín. As a soloist he has performed in different recitals in mexico city and in other places of the country as well as in radio and T.V. He represented Mexico at the international accordion contest held in Caracas Venezuela. He has also performed with different theater and dance agrupations in Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Italy, France and all over the Mexican country. Alexis Ruiz: Vibraphone & Marimba. Drummer and Vibraphonist born in Mexico City. He studied musical theory and piano at the at the “Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales”. He also studies Harmony with Margarita Vega. He also studied a six month long course in recording techniques in Canada. As a drummer he performs with rock bands: Jessy Bulbo and Titán. As a Vibraphonist he has colaborated in groups such as “Los Chamberlains”, “los Shajatos” and "Paté de Fuá". Jorge Luri Molina: Contrabass. He was born in México city. At the age of sixteen he began studying classical contrabass and jazz at the “Escuela Superior de Música” with Nikola Popov. He has performed in Jazz festivals in Germany, France, United States and Mexico. He has recorded more than 15 discographic materials with the most remarkable mexican Jazz musicians. He has played with musicians such as Fernando de la Mora, Eugenia León, Francisco Céspedes among others. Recently he plays with the jazz Big Band Zinco group, la tricota del ritmo, Ricardo Benítez Jazz Quartet , Perata-Molina-Kaut trio, Magos Herrera, Gonzalo Romeo and is a founding member of Paté de Fuá as the contrabass player and Dancer. Gabriel Puentes: Drums. 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