Several groups by this name: 1. A new hardcore side project from Pennsylvania with members of Cold World, War Hungry, RZL DZL and the Rival Mob, in the vein of Leeway. 2. Catalan jazz-fusion group composed of Santi Arisa (drums, ex-Fusioon), Rafael Escoté (bass, ex-Gotic) and former Iceberg members Max Sunyer (guitar) and Josep "Kitflus" Mas (keyboards). Nine albums to date, starting with 1982's Nuevos Encuentros. 3. PEGASUS - very rare electronic group from Germany (ambient, new-age, berlin school, traditional electronica). Based by two members Mark Hoffmann and Martin Limbach. PEGASUS albums: Lights Of The Universe (1991) Individual Isolation (1993) Emphasis (1995) Electro-Physics (1996) Empfang (2006) Unfortunately, any info about this group unavailable in Internet. The basic information it's possible to receive only from booklets of Cd's. Their official web page a long time under construction. 4. A heavy drone/noise rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Band Members: Pete (vocals), Jono (guitar), Mike (guitar), Brendon (bass), Logan (drums). 5. A Swiss Band who plays Pop/Beat. They are 4 guys from Biel, between 18 and 20 years old, they released their first album A place to be in 2007. 6. Obscure German undeground/progressive rock band who released one album, Seems A Long Time Gone, in 1975. 7. Australian hip-hop MC, Pegz originally went by the name Pegasus but later shortened his name. For more information on Pegz see his artist page. 8. An instrumental three-piece from Portland, Oregon, playing ecstatic, mathy rock & roll . They have self-released one EP to date, called Handstand Plan (2008). 9. Pegasus is a Norwegian dancehall band with typical influence from pop,rock and country. Pegasus won Norways biggest music award "Spellemannsprisen" in category Danseband for their album "Forandringer" march 23th 2013. Album: ''Pegasus( 2007) ''Vingeslag (2008) "Min Første Natt (2009) ''Rotløs(2010) "5`Ern (2010) "6, Dans & Rock n' Roll (2011) "17+2 (2012) "Forandringer( 2012) "Vendepunkt(2013) "Xmas abroad(2013) Single: "Min første natt" (My first night ). A duett by the leadsinger Tommy feat, Hanne Mette. "Hey, pretty baby (with the blue jeans on)" 10. Pegasus is a melodic black/power metal band, whose lyrical themes deal with darkness and evil. They are located in Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and have been active from 1991 to present. They have undergone many lineup changes, but Thorsten Müller has been one of their lead vocals and bass since their inception. Their discography includes: When Darkness Begins Demo 1993 The Forces of Evil Single 1995 Forces of Evil Single 1995 The Dungeon Master EP 1999 Fantasy Album 2001 Dragons of Hope EP 2002 Birth of a Dragon EP 2005 The Epic Quest Album 2006 Website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.