Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice are a hip hop duo from Scotland, consisting of DJ Sonny and MC Nostal. The pair write, produce, record and master their own tracks with Nostal delivering conscious raps, melodic vocals and guitar notes and DJ Sonny providing the cuts and scratches. In 2008, Sonny and Nostal began ‘jamming’ together for fun using a cheap microphone, an MPC, Cubase and the occasional guitar. But these raw, rough and sometimes unfinished tracks gained them credibility across the Scottish hip hop scene. They decided on the name Perfect Practice, taken from the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, as they knew that the more music they made, the better it would get. These early tracks were uploaded onto Youtube and within a few months Perfect Practice had accumulated fans from all over the world. This positive response, combined with their passion for making music and undisputed talent, made Perfect Practice realise that they could take their music to the next level. In 2009, Perfect Practice released their first E.P., The Sketchie E.P., for free download. The Sketchie E.P. was a success across the Scottish underground music scene as well as online as it provided raw hip hop and rap bars from various Edinburgh MCs, who were all part of Perfect Practice. A few more tracks were recorded but eventually conflicting interests led to the group consisting of just DJ Sonny and Nostal. In 2010, the pair produced and released their second E.P., The Band That Time Forgot, which featured a select few Scottish rappers as well as American MCs from the Shadowstar Boxing Academy. Although still rough and unmastered, The Band That Time Forgot was an international internet success. The raps were more conscious, the beats were more banging and the overall sound was of a much higher calibre than previous recordings. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.