This 23 year old Emcee / Writer / Record Label CEO and Entrepreneur has been a part of the Swedish hip hop scene for the last ten years, Peshi has made a name for herself in the most respected way. From tapes and cds to vinyl, open mic appearances to headlining shows. Today the voice and vision of this MC has become a style of its own. An emcee creating her own world and expression with the help of a number of influences thrown into a personal melting-pot. With a style flying, and at the same time nailing the rhythm, Peshi comes with great feeling for melody. Not surprisingly, straight rhymes sometimes lean into a more singing style to add on to her laidback trademark. Her beautiful swagger is entwined perfectly with her exquisite cadence. Going at it since 1996, her topics today touches everything from personal matters and ponderings to play with words and thoughts. After infamous performances at Swedens biggest festivals, numerous others at clubs and opening up for artists like John Legend, Atmosphere, Jaguar Wright, Sage Francis, People Under The Stairs, and Brother Ali, Peshi is a sure shot booking. She possesses the rarest of charisma that one cannot manufacture witch makes her stage presence truly alluring. Whether working with award winning DJ Confuze, live band or both, you get a show to remember. With a style mixing jazz, live instrumentation, a sprinkle of 80`s soul vibe and fragments of Swedens musical past, Peshi and production team Flyphonic created their own world for hip hop to exist in, and finally, the highly anticipated full length debut from Peshi is here... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.