There are at least two bands/artists with the name Popshop. The first one is an swedish popband featuring Cornelia most famous from the Swedish Idol 2004. The second one POPSHOP aka Martin Akeret was born in 1975 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Since 1996 he has been living in Zurich and has been working as a graphic designer and desktop publisher. He's also interested in fotography, film, art, exhibitions and sports (marathon). Martin has been studying classic piano and jazz piano for 6 years. In the year of 1992 he left conventional music and discovered the possibilities of electronic music. He made first steps as co-producer before he started his own label Poetenpop Records in 1997. From then he released his music using aliases such as Gary Rich, Drama or Drama Martini. In 2001, after an intensive and hard work, he produced his very important album «My FRIEND FRIGO LP». This record was loved by the press and the public in the same way. Now the Popshop-«Trademark» was born: A new mixture between «futuristic detroit techno» and «electronic advanced pop». A kind of music which doesn't just fit in one category because it's a mix of many different styles like electro, pop, house, digital funk, techno, post wave, indie and it has always got a special personal flair because of the voices, vocals and lyrics. In May of 2002 Oliver Kapp, head of Indulge/Raygun (Hamburg) signed Popshop for his album «SALON BIZARRE», which appeared worldwide via Intergroove on CD and Double-Vinyl. The album received a few N°1-Chart-Features, namely in DE:BUG, in GROOVE Mag/D and obtained maximum notes in all important fanzines, also in SPEX. This album also contained a video clip called «Role Model», played on VIVA Swizz and VIVA Germany. This clip also had a special appearance in the broadcasting show «Electronic Beats» on VIVA. One year later, in 2003, another outstanding album «THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US» was also released with Raygun and also contained tracks with female vocals by Stella-Loreen (Zurich) and Larissa Kapp (Hamburg). Due to the good feedback, Popshop was invited for two live shows to Montreal (Canada) in December 2004. End of 2005 the new and still actual album «CONNECTION/ LOST» appeared worldwide via Raygun/iTunes. It contained innovated and catchy tracks with vocals by Stella-Loreen, Larissa Kapp, Nelly G. and Popshop himself. Check it out in the iTunes Music Store worldwide. - THE NEW ALBUM: Popshop - New Bones (Alpinechic/RecRec/2007) Landed with new bones – here comes everything together what Popshop developed in the last ten years with an own trademark. And it is mixed like an irresistible cocktail: Reduced and dark techno tracks with a mythic depth are combined with warm and playful electrohouse hymns, personal and metaphoric vocal fragments and completely exposed popsongs like «SHINING STAR». Statements in titles like «STILL ON MY WAY», «CHANGING WEATHER» or «RELIEF (AFTER THE LOST YEARS)» are leaving a mark of an optimistic and nevertheless thoughtful feeling. «THIS PERSON IS ALREADY YOUR FRIEND» goes one step further and mixes experience in web portals like MYSPACE.COM with a loose self-irony and a certain gravity. VISIT THE NEW WEBSITE: HTTP://WWW.POPSHOP.CC Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.