Rózsaszín Pittbull

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Rózsaszín Pittbull is a punk-rock band from Hungary. It was founded in 1995, due to a terrible concert, where founding member Kassai Gábor decided that he can provide at least as good music as what he experienced - with a total lack of musical knowledge. The founding members are: Kassai Gábor (vocals), Czene András (bass), Murka Zsolt (guitars) and Lelovics Roland (drums). At first the band was to exist only for one concert, but it worked out so well, that they decided to continue. What's more: people started to actually go to their concert, which was quite a surprise for the four "artist". As the band developed, they released their first demo tape, which became quite successful. After the recording, the guitarist had been kicked out because of his problems with alcohol. He was replaced with Erdős László. With this lineup, the band recorded their second demo. Soon after that, László departed from the band. His replacement was Méhn Zoltán, with whom their first full-length album was recorded. With the tape, the band gained real success. Once again, the guitarist left. He was replaced with current member, Virágh Gábor. The man behind the drums was also changed, Marsi Zsolt became the drummer - but not for a long time. His successor was jazz-drummer Albert Ákos. With this lineup, the band recorded a collection of old songs and the third LP, with new, heavier material. In the 5th of August, 2002 Czene András has died in a road accident. The band became inactive for a few months. Still, they felt that they must not let his energy what he had put into the band go to waste, so shortly, Varjasi Adrienn had been hired for the bass duties. The band is currently working on the new material. Rózsaszín Pittbull is: Kassai Gábor - vocals Virágh Gábor - guitars Varjasi Adrienn - bass Albert Ákos - drums http://www.rozsaszinpittbull.hu Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.