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1. Modular synth from William Hutson who also runs the Accidie label. 2. Since they were founded in 1993, musical ensemble RALE has continued to develop their work. Members of the company first met at the International Music Festival MIMI, near the French Marseilles. It was also here that the guitar duo from the musical group Dunaj, Vladimír Václavek and Josef Ostřanský, met the Japanese violinist Takumi Fukushima and the French-Vietnamese dancer Cynthia Phung-Ngoc. The first compositions they created together were linked to the work of the individual musicians, as well as to the traditions of folk music. An unchanged musical language arose, creating the characteristic that is today immediately associated with RALE. Their manuscript is perceptible when one listens to each song. The music of the group has become more "pressed", especially during the period since they introduced violoncellist Andrea Konstankiewicz into the company of RALE. In November 2000, the group released their third album "Twilight", where played as a guest: Miloš Dvořák (Iva Bittová & Čikori), the members of French dance ensemble Kublai Khan Investigations. The album "Twilight" is about life, about agreement of fate, about need to look for own way. It is about dying and about death. It is dedicated to the French friend of this group - Laurent Letourneur, who died about one month before the completion of the album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.