There is a legend that tells about the raven as the only bird that can fly through the worlds of the living and the dead. Every night the raven stands at the grave of those who died under mysterious and sad circumstances. RavenLand is inspired by this legend. RAVENLAND was formed during the winter of 1997 by Dewindson Wolfheart (vocal). The other members, Andre Cardoso (Guitars), Clécio Christian (Bass) and Alexandre Brito (Drums) joined the band to complete the first line-up. Since the beginning the musical proposal of the band was to combine some elements of metal, gothic music and the 80’s rock/pop. The first recordings of the band were the demos “October of 1998” (1998) and “Live at Kalimar” (2000). The band also recorded a live show on video called “Noturna”. It was released in 1999. In 2000 the band signed a contract with the MOONSHADOW label to release their first album called "After the sun hides" with 10 songs, but after finishing the recording sessions in 2001 the label had its doors shut and the record was not released. During the same time they had participated at some very important Brazilian festivals playing with such respected bands. In 2002 the RAVENLAND was invited to take part in a tribute album for the Greek dark metal heroes, Rotting Christ. So they recorded "Among Two Storms" from their album "A Dead Poem". In fact, RAVENLAND’s version was considered by the Brazilian press the best track of the album that also included other respected and famous bands from Brazil. After 2003 the band was forced to stop, because some of the members left the band. But in 2004, Dewindson met Camilla Raven (Vocal/Violin), and two years later, she influenced him to reactivate RAVENLAND together with a new line-up. Soon later they met Albanes (Guitar) and João Cruz (Bass) and together released an EP called “Black EP” in the same year. With a new composition - “Velvet Dreams” and “Among Two Storms” (Rotting Christ cover song)– the EP was very well received by the local press. The concerts promoters were impressed as well and RAVENLAND started playing a lot in the local rock clubs and festivals. They met the worldwide famous drummer RICARDO CONFESSORI (ANGRA/SHAMAN/EX-KORZUS) who was very interested in the band’s music. Convinced about their talent, Ricardo offered himself to produce and play the drums for the first RAVENLAND studio album. And so in 2007/2008 released the EP "Back" with three new songs from the new album entitled "...And a Crow Brings Me Back", the RAVENLAND album was produced by Ricardo Confessori. RavenLand is already considered the best Goth Metal act hailing from Brazil. Despite years of road, was considered band revelation 2008 by the major rock/metal site of the country The new album "...And A Crow Brings Me Back" is expected to be released till the end of the first semester of 2009. The album also brings a very special guest: TOMMY LINDAL (EX-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) playing two songs choosed by himself and yet Ricardo Confessori (ANGRA/SHAMAN) as drummer on all album songs. Also Produced by Ricardo Confessori in one of the best studios in Brazil and mastered in Germany by the great producer WALDEMAR SORYCHTA (LACUNA COIL, MOONSPELL, SENTENCED...), the album has 14 songs, more 1 bonus track and a multimedia session including a video-clip and more than 200 photos of "End of Light" videoclip's "making of" . A great production and an album that will represent the power of Brazilian Gothic Metal. Recently the RAVENLAND recorded a video-clip for "End of light" song that has a great appearance on Brazilian TV programs as STAY HEAVY, METALSPLASH and also appear in a videoclip programs on MTV Brazil. RAVENLAND is now searching for an international label to release the album "...and a crow brings me back" in other countries, the band has signed with FREE MIND label and it will be released in Brazil. Links: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.