Razors Edge

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1.Razors Edge is a thrash/punk band from Japan. Osaka's "Blitzkrieg Thrashers" RAZORS EDGE broke into Pizza Of Death in 2003 with their eagerly awaited, well recieved, hard hitting, 2nd full length release titled "Razors Rising". Since 1996, this 4 piece has been playing most of their shows, even to date, in and around their hometown. This, along with their love and dedication to their local scene has made them hometown heroes. But, this is not to say that RAZORS EDGE is not well recieved wherever they play. Their hyper live performance and zeal for all things "party-down" has lured them a cultish following. This is all before mentioning the music. Beats faster than lightening, guitars louder than dynamite, a sound and style harder than cement yet catchier than the chorus of an 80's sitcom. THRASH'EM ALL!! and DRINK'EM ALL!!!! How can a band so hard and so fast be so damn fun and loveable? 2.Razors Edge is one of the first english R.A.C. bands, also one of the first involved in Blood and Honour. One of the most long-lived bands. 3.Razor's Edge is an oldschool goa-trance project. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.