“He was all over the stage, driving the crowd into a frenzy, grinding sounds from his guitar with the back of his hand, the ceiling beams, the mic stand. His extended solos were soul-dripping, finger-flailing explosions that he looked like he could have done in his sleep.” - Todd Hamm, Seattle Weekly "While standing behind a kick drum armed with a guitar and all kinds of attitude, Jordan Cook a.k.a. ReignWolf instantly captivates the crowd with his howling vocals, ferocious riffs, and raw energy." "He wasted no time in getting down to business and bursting ear drums with the fantastic distorted squall of his song ‘Old Man.’ The crowd in attendance were lapping it up like wolf cubs from a river and visible smiles could be seen from the front to the back of the venue, truly a rare sight for an LA crowd. As if the amazing guitar hero styling’s were not enough, on the track ‘Bicycle’ he played a drum solo, whilst also playing a guitar solo. I have seen a lot of live shows but that display of talent will stand as one of the greatest things I ever witnessed on a stage. The fog machine just added to the mythical ambiance of it all. His pedal board looked like something that wouldn’t have been out of place in Doc Browns laboratory. The alpha wolf however is only a strong as his pack; So he was then joined on stage by his bass/guitar player Stitch and drummer Joseph Braley. If you thought it was loud to begin with it just got cranked up to 11, that’s one louder. They tore through a few quality rock numbers like a wolf through a sheep carcass. On ‘Palms to the Sky’ Reignwolf picks up the bass guitar and shows he has riffs for all types of instruments. He played a new track which had utterly filthy riffs that even Tom Morello himself would be envious of. The wolf has marked his territory and his territory is all the guitar strings and frets of every guitar ever made. That’s it; they’re his now, so just give up and go play a ukulele or something. But not a mandolin because you guessed it, he plays that instrument too (shreds would be a better description of his playing style on it though). You would think it would be hard to make a mandolin sound like a heavy rock axe, but between Stitch’s riffs and Braleys thunderous backbeat, the wolf made the mandolin sound pregnant hippo heavy. Not content with just prowling the stage sometimes Reignwolf would jump into the crowd, or hop up on his bass drum and jump nimbly into the air and come crashing down, a move I have come to dub ‘The Airwolf.’ If I were to try sum up his sound the best I could come up with was Rage Against The Howlin’ Wolf." . Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.