Ring Of Scars

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www.weareallaringofscars.com http://signmeto.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists/ring-of-scars www.reverbnation.com/ringofscars http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ring-Of-Scars-Official/270276630657 Ring Of Scars is a FL based band that has really made a name for themselves- playing shows as far away from home as the Fillmore in NYC. They blasted onto the FL Metal Scene around 2004, and the band has been known for an explosive live performance which rivaled bands signed to major labels. One of the earliest shows was an invite to perform at a venue with industrial metal heroes Fear Factory as well as Lamb of God. After this integral show, internal conflict led to replacing 2 members, and a hiatus which allowed the original members to put together and record an album. They released the debut "...Things of the Past" in 2007 to great reviews and an ep, "Symptom" on Halloween 2008. They had notices on the MySpace ( www.myspace.com/ringofscars ) that they were planning a heavier, more guitar oriented release soon, but soon after, they released the original singer in early 2009. They put a single track of pre-production demo songs on their MySpace player a few months later that reveals a whole new direction for the band- and the fans have reacted. The band says they have had a better response to the 3 song teaser than they got from the entire first cd. The new direction seems to be far more aggressive and somewhat more technical. Ring Of Scars has always had a below-the-surface style about them. They credit themselves with pushing fans to read into everyday life just a bit more. The band says they started with the "phi" symbol- which is related to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci spiral. They have even included a part of this formula in the actual musical notes being played on some songs. Be sure to look into anything you may see in album art- you might find that there is more than you previously noticed. The group also prides themselves on how they handle building a fan base- one-by-one. Using a strong internet presence to their advantage, members say they will never let a fan email go unanswered, and they have even been known to send personal text message invites to fans when they come through. As of late 2009, it seems that the guitarist and founding member (known by his stage name Damien Evil) has taken over vocal duties and is rebuilding the remaining missing band positions while working on a new release, and gearing up for live shows once again. ------------------------------ Throughout 2010/2011 RoS has again taken the stage and kicked much ass. The reverbnation account ( www.reverbnation.com/ringofscars ) maintained the #1 slot in Metal for central FL for over a solid year. The band has topped the ROADRUNNER RECORDS unsigned metal chart several times and has peaked at #2 on several occasions. The new album is currently being mastered for a release in late 2011. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.