Road To Consciousness

The Road to Consciousness is a joint venture of talented musicians from different countries, united in one common passion for music, some of them are involved in other projects as mentioned. Do not hesitate to check their Myspace Here is the complete list : Marja Supponen (Rhinestone Lives) - vocals Kristell Lowagie (Joliet, ex Skeptical Minds, Lovelorn) - vocals, Jamie-Lee Smit (Azylya) - vocals, Laura Crowet (ex Before Silence) - vocals Lauryn (ex Aedden) - vocals Justine Daaé (Elyose) - vocals Serge Van de Poel (Crime 7) - vocals Krys Denhez (Jarell) - vocals Wan (La Poupée Sanglante) - vocals Benjamin Albertani (Kaptain Oats) - vocals Ville Laaksonen - vocals Leny Andrieux (Scarin Myself) - vocals Kris De Bie (Patriarch) - drums, Eric Renwart (Pixelrace) - solo guitar, Val "+++" Granson (15 Reasons) - solo guitar, Nico Claus (Scarin Myself) - solo guitar, Manu De Ros (The Temple) - bass, Yves Huts (Epica) - Orchestral arrangements, Olivier Van Houte (The Temple, The Moonshine playboys) – Hammond, Christophe Jaeger (Free Launch) - arpegios, Bernard Daubresse (Lovelorn), song writing, bass, guitar & keys About the concept : The idea is to make a concept album with great vocals and epic guitar battles, each song is about one different character facing his own destiny and following his road.. to consciousness... or to something else. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.