Here are a few nice things that have been said about ROBOTANISTS… “Female-fronted indie at its finest, a soulful voice cast over booming guitar and the downright pretty production quality typical of the genre. The Robotanists are here to fill that void [of bands like Denali] in every respect, and “On/Off The Ledge” is as sincere as it is dancy, adjectives that normally take effort to pair together.“ ~ (USA) “Evocatively dreamlike without sacrificing command or precision. [Plans in Progress] moves consistently through a spectrum of hushed melodies, crashing choruses and driving rhythms. The Robotanists’ third full length album may be the shortest, but it’s the most relentless and auspicious in what lies ahead for the four piece.” ~ (USA) “concentrated dose of brilliance… and with an LP full of fetching tracks [Plans in Progress], whose gigantic choruses will penetrate your subconscious and stay there.” ~ (USA) “Plans in Progress is an album filled with longing and discovery… Robotanists have an electric future ahead of them. Comparable to The Sounds, but ten folds better” ~ (USA) “Let’s just face it. The Robotanists have talent. Their drummer (Preston Scott Phillips) is amazing. I always say, a band is only as good as their drummer. And, Sarah Elquist DeBlanke is a real “singer”. It’s so stupid, but there once was a time when the prerequisite for being a singer, was being able to sing (did I mention I just saw Glass Candy?). Sarah CAN sing. Daniel DeBlanke is one of my guitar heros. I like to think he plays like I do, but he actually plays like I would eventually want to be able to play if I practiced for 10 years. Keith Boyarsky plays bass, and really keeps everything together when they play live.” ~ (USA) “Robotanists’ versatile music effortlessly blends elements of rock and pop, reflecting a spectrum of moods rather than a particular genre. Their songs evoke different atmospheres that are intriguing and captivating, with a seemingly metaphorical depth and alternately sedated sound.” ~ (USA) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.