Satarial is a Russian heavy metal band which was created in 1989 by Lord Seth. It was then called "A.M.S.G." (Ad Maiorum Satan Glorium) and in 1993 when Angel Bust joined the band, it took the present name. The band recorded and released 2 demo-tapes in 1989 with old-Bathory-like music and Satanic lyrics, but they did not become popular because of their innovative character and anti-Christian sentiment. In 1996 Satarial released the demo album "...And The Flame Will Take The Temples Of Christ" which started the anti-Christian fire in Russia. It was a clear expression of hate and protest over Christ's religion. In 1997 the next album "The Queen Of The Elves' Land" saw the dark of the night. In this album the band members tried to express their views over magic and mystic traditions and to resuscitate the cult of ancient wizardry. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROCK) tried to prevent the release of this record and that is why it was available in the music stores only in 1998. The band also has a video out - "Walpurgis Night". The next video - "The Queen Of The Elves' Land" was released later. Satarial's music is a mix of emotional and aggressive middle-speed black metal with much Gothic and Folk influences. The band uses live instruments such as the violin and the flute. Lord Seth, the principal poet and composer often uses a magical rhetorical and planetary music combination. Many of the lyrics are based on ancient ritual and initiation to magic. Satarial plays live frequently. The line has changed much through the years. Recently the band signed a contract with an Italian label 'Beyond Productions' concerning the release of the CD entitled "The Queen Of The Elves' Land". 'Beyond Productions' has also released "Heidenlarm" a perfect mixture of folk and pagan elements. Today, Satarial are often touring, giving concerts nearly every month in various cities in Russia. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.