There are at least eight artists with this name, most of them metal bands: 1. American blackened thrash band formed in 2000. They released four demos - Cursed Eternity, Praise the witchking, and Unholy Invasion of Thrash all in 2002, and Prepare to Die in 2003. Their debut album Thrash Assault was released by Blackened Moon in April 2004 and re-released by various labels over the years. Follow-up album Satanic Assassins was released December 2008 on Witches Brew. They are active. 2. Black metal band from the Netherlands. They resurrected from the ashes of former black metal bands Melech and the unholy Satyr project in '96. The line-up was completed in '97 and the first demotape Death...Tyranny...War...Blasphemy was recorded and released in '99. Eight months later, the self financed four track mCD True Hate Embodiment was recorded and released in 2000. This mCD resulted in a mini-tour with Carpathian Forest, Deströyer 666 and Urn through the Netherlands in 2001 including opening for the 'No Mercy' fest in 2002. Their debut album Universe Of Filth (Recorded, mixed & mastered at Excess studios [Rotterdam, NL]) sees the darkness of this globe trough Dark Horizon Records on February 13, 2003. The release resulted in an exclusive gig with Satyricon and Khold at the Groene Engel venue in the Netherlands on February 15, 2003. 2003 saw the re-release of 'True Hate Embodiment' through Macabre Operetta productions on limited 7" vinyl with new artwork on August 12th. In 2004 they signed a new deal with Dutch 'Neurotic Records'. The second full-length 'For a Dead race recorded and mastered at the same studios as the debut, and was released October 21, 2004. They stated it's their "'blackest and sickest' release so far. The sound is more pure, the vocals sicker, the songs better structured and the dedication to black metal has become more audible." Several live attacks trough Europe followed. In July 2004 they recorded a cover of The Rite Of Darkness by Bathory on a tribute gatefold LP 'A Tribute From the Hordes to Bathory - From the Underground...For the Underground.' released by Black Goat Productions in August 2006. A limited split 7" with Fluisterwoud which featured a new track and a cover of Von's Satanic Blood was recorded in 2005. It was delayed until July 2006. 2006 also marked the year of another deal, this time with Sweden's 'Carnal Records' to record their third full length, titled The Channeling Void with artwork from Manuel Tinnemans. They recorded it at the same studio as the previous releases but this time around used Necromorbus Studios (Sweden) for mastering. After 11 years of kaos, SauroN decided to split up in 2008. The final show was on September 14, 2008 @ 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands. After the split, all members aside from the vocalist formed Verbum Verus. 3. Black metal band from Radom, Poland, formed in 1991. They released a couple demos in the 90s, followed by 'Kraina martwego Słońca' CD which was supposed to be released in 1997 but was delayed until 2000 and released as a compilation with a promo. After the problems with that albums release, they split up in 1999 until re-forming in 2003. Old Temple records released the album 'Hornology' in 2007, and the band self-released 'Unholy Man' CD, 2011. They are active. 4. Heavy metal band formed in 1987 in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Their debut album Better tomorrow was a success,but the band split up. The bassist, guitarist, and drummer formed the band Dies Irae in 1994 but only released a demo and played live shows before splitting up in 1999. The guitarist joined two bands, a heavy metal band called Hard Time in 1991, and a Bosnian garage rock band Zabranjeno pušenje in 1996. The bassist plays in the death metal band Reinkaos. The band reunited in the summer of 2007 for the open air music festival 'Festung Fest' in Slavonski Brod. 5. Argentinian stoner metal band, formed in 1994. They've released five albums: Sauron - 1997, El color que cayó del cielo - 1999, Sobrenatural - 2003, La guerra del fuego - 2009, El último árbol sobre la Tierra - 2012; all with the same lineup except for the 2012 album, which had a new bassist. They are active. 6. Polish death metal band, formed in 2001 and split up around 2003. They released one demo, Lethal Roar. 7. Melodic black metal band from Łowicz, Poland formed in 1993, now split up. They released one demo, Wilderness... in 1997. The drummer played in the black metal band Xantotol in the 90s. 8. Swedish symphonic black metal band formed by Mathias Öjermark and Christos Chatzikonstandinos in Stockholm, 1998. They released three demos from 98-99, two of which were compiled in 2003 on Another World/Destined to die. The first demo Beyond the forbidden was not included. The members played in numerous other bands together in a variety of metal styles, including Ruins of Time, Melting Flesh, Obrero, Total Deäth, and Phidion. Christos also played in death metal band Plague Divine during the late 90s. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.