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Silmarils is a French rock band formed in 1989 and from the southern suburbs of Paris. David Salsedo, Brice, Aymeric, Jimi and Jean-Pierre Martins decided to form the group in 1989 to lead the party from their school. Satisfied with their performance, they roam the bars in the suburbs and are joined by Como on bass. They come gradually to earn money with concerts that take them to Ireland where they won a great success. Things get serious when the Scottish producer Peter Murray produced their first album, Silmarils in 1995. Their first single, "Cours vite" (Run fast), is a success and quickly became an anthem in rock from France. Many think about Black Desire of revenge and furious Tostaky, crossed with urban rabies NTM. The censored clip of the single "Cours vite" (with porn stars Julia Channel and Draghixa) also draws attention. Silmarils then began a new tour, where they're passing in first part for AC / DC, U2 or Therapy?. In 1997 they released their second studio album, Original Karma. In May 2000 they are back with "Vegas 76" and the hit "Il va y avoir du sport" (There will be sport) and in 2003, "4 life" is available in stores. anecdotes * The group takes its name from the book The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. * Lead singer, David Salsedo, produced the first album of Superbus. He also wrote four songs from the debut album of Dolly, which "Je ne veux pas rester sage" et "Partir seule", two of the biggest hits of the band from Nantes. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.