Simon Curtis > Super 8-Bit Heart Diablo

Simon Curtis



Here's the thing, yeah we started out friends
but this is not a Kelly Clarkson song,
and not how it ends
Everything I thought about you was lies
Thought that I knew you,
but you were disguised
Everything I thought about you was bogus
I speak for the both of us
time to say bye

Save face, and get out of town
Take the car you're driving
and just turn it around
'cause you're a
you're freaking me out
I'm sorry that you hate me 'cause I just wasn't down

You're the devil
you're a filthy piece of trash
gotta brush you off my shoulder
gonna let you kiss my ass
You're a diablo
You're so damn evil
You're a diablo
Your shit is evil

Are you crazy?
because you're so out of line
I swear someday you're gonna freak and claw out my eye
oh wait, you did
Oh baby, baby
does she take a piece of lime
for the drink that I'ma buy her
Oh wait this song isn't mine

Uh oh, you're coming unglued
If it wasn't so damn frequent then I'd try to subdue
but you're a
they all know it too
I can't wait until the day when I am
finally rid of you

Oh, now I really wanna see you get help
I really wanna see you get over yourself
and I do wish you well
but I have to say I'm glad you're gone
Oh, and I'm thinking that you might lose your nerve
the very first time you hear this song
but I did nothing wrong
except let you stay in my life.