Sista Mannen På Jorden

Swedish synthpop band consisting of band members Eddie Bengtsson and Matts Wiberg. The band started playing together, first as a sideproject, in the mid 1980:s. The bands performed live for the first time in june 1986, but their first record was not released until March 1998. The CD was called "Först i rymden" which translates to "First in space" and was a limited 500 copies edition with just five tracks. The CD contained only old material, but after having been sold out in just a few weeks the band decided to release a new full length CD. The full length CD was released in november 1998, called "Ligg tyst ett tag med..." which translates to "Lay silent a while with...". The CD was followed by a second full length album called "Luft" (air) in March 2000. In september 2001 the band released their third full length album, titled "OK, OK, OK".. The band has over the years only recorded 3 songs with lyrics in english. The lyrics are generally simplistic and naive and usually covers issues like space and space travellers far from home. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.