Sister City

There are two bands by the name of Sister City: 1. An indie rock/punk formation out of Philadelphia (see bio below) 2. A techno collaboration between EPROM, Dean Grenier and Hej Fund Philadelphia's Sister City We'll let the band speak. Sister City: Whoa, hey! Welcome to the Small Talk-era Sister City band biography. Let’s get to the facts. Sister City is a Philadelphia-based punk rock indie rock thing best described by one blogger as “Not the punk that you’re thinking of.” Sister City is Adam Linder and Daniel Abzug. Daniel plays drums and watches a remarkable amount of HBO Original Series. Adam writes and sings the songs, plays guitar, records, mixes, and has two cats that he loves very much. Sister City was featured in the “AP&R” section of the November 2012 issue of Alternative Press. Small Talk is the band’s third full length. You may notice that, for an album called Small Talk, there sure are a lot of words in these songs. Weird, right? You might even say Small Talk is anything but!!! It’s true. There are a lot of words. Many of them are about coming to terms with things: death, fate, god, grocery store rewards cards. Some of them are just normal prepositions or conjunctions. There is something here for everyone. Literally dozens of Sister City fans can’t be wrong. Ah, but perhaps you don’t care about lyrics. Please don’t tell Adam that. No matter, though, Sister City is as diverse as an after-school special—musically, that is! “Room 222” and “Horsey!” find the band channeling their pop-punk upbringing through a world-weary filter. If you’re more into catharsis over crashing cymbals, “Psalm 26” and “Extreme Fever” are right up your alley. Small Talk is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.