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1)The story of Slumber began in early 2002 when Siavosh Bigonah, Ehsan Kalantar and Jari Lindholm sat down one day to write some music. There were no intentions of forming a band, it was just to ventilate some ideas and play some music with each other. The result of that session was the song “Labyrinth”. We all felt that we connected very well. We met a couple of weeks later and composed “A Wanderer’s Star”. At that point our little project turned serious and Slumber was officially born as a “band”. When we had enough material for our first demo, we contacted an old friend of ours named Ted Larsson to do the drums. We recorded the demo in June 2002. It was a hellish week filled with problems in the studio and all kinds of other backtracks, hellish but very interesting since we were totally in love with the music that was now starting to find its right shape. The demo got its final touch through mastering at Criteria Mastering by Plec. After the demo was finished, Slumber was in grave need of more members since merely four people weren't enough for the vast arrangements of the songs. We got in touch with a few more friends, Daniel Albertsson, Mikael Brunkvist and Daniel Beckman. For about a year we kept writing music, played some gigs and worked on the Slumber concept. June 2003, the demo “Seclusion” was recorded in our own Chaos Practice Studios. After a few weeks of trying to mix the demo, we realized that we needed a couple of fresh ears to do the work. So we turned to Plec once again, this time he was assigned to do the mixing as well as the mastering. When “Seclusion” was finished, we played a couple of more gigs in the Stockholm-area, sent the demo to four recordlabels, one of these was Karmageddon/New Aeon Media who showed immediate interest. Their initial idea was to release our previous two demos as one album, but we felt that we could do the songs more justice and decided to re-record most of the songs as well as add the brand new track “Fallout”. After trying to find the right man to produce our debut album, we decided to return to Plec, and this time we moved into his studio Panic Room located in the middle of nowhere of Swedish scenery. We lived in the studio for two weeks, we all worked day and night in different rooms of the studio. Creativity was ever present and everyone put in their fullest effort to achieve the best possible result, and we felt passionate every step of the way. The mixing was done during only two very hectic days and under a lot of pressure. Two months later, after some remixing and mastering the album “Fallout” was finally complete, and we held in our hands a result which really satisfied our high expectations. At this point we decided to sign the deal offered to us by Karmageddon/New Aeon Media. 2) Also a black metal band from Russia, which began in 1996 Discography When the Evil Come... EP, 1999 The Dreams of the Dead Full-length, 2003 3) Indie band from West Virgina Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.