Solid State

There are Eight artists with the name Solid State: 1) Solid State, a Trance producer based in Brussels. 2) Solid State (Belgian synth/wave group) made two 7 inches: -Recalling You/Movin' Up (1983) -It's an Obsession/Tears Of Fright (1984) 3) By late 1994 Dextrous hooked up with 2 other guys, Paul and Jon who then went by the names of 'Phaze 3' and 'Klass A' respectively, that he had met whilst DJing on the London pirate station 'Kool FM'. They all shared the same artistic ideas and the frustrations of the way in which the scene was over looking a more musical approach in the production of Drum'n'Bass. So Dextrous decided to start 'State of the Art Recordings', as a vehicle to put out music that wasn't confined to what the so-called top club DJs would play, but to allow a little more freedom of expression and with that reach a whole new audience. The 3 of them together recorded under the name 'Solid State' and christened their sound 'Urban Fusion' which encompassed many elements i.e. Funk, Jazz, Techno, Dub as well as Drum'n'Bass. Well as they say "all good things come to an end!" and by the summer of 2000 the 3 guys parted company. Their last project together was the album entitled "Point of no return" (pretty fitting!) on the 'Renegade Recordings' label. 4) A hard rock outfit from Perth, Western Australia. Released one EP 'The Point' and one album 'The Dirty Sessions'. Members include: Shaun Bunting - Lead Vocals, Gavin Krispler - Guitars, John Di Tullio - Bass/Vocals and Daniel Krispler - Drums. 5) Thai Rock Band. 6) Snapcase from Buffalo, NY were originally called Solid State before changing their name in 1990. 7) A Mod rock band from Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom, fronted by Nick Jarvis, briefly popular during the 'Mod revival' of the mid-1980s. They contributed a few songs to compilation LPs but never got to make their own single or LP. The band went on to become Imperial in the early 1990s. 8) A Synth Group from Los Angeles (Released the EP "Open Lines Of Communication" - 1983) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.