Sophe Lux is an imaginative and daring pop band based in Portland, OR. The band's trademarks include well-crafted songwriting, provocative lyrics, commanding vocals and stylish pop-hooks. The band returns music to art-rock spectacle with whimsical and audacious aplomb. With bold theatrical gestures and scathing social and political commentary, the band has been seducing audiences for more than three years. Sophe Lux is cherished for the exuberant live performances including tongue-in-cheek Dadaist theatrics, fantastical sets, and lavish Victorian costumes. In their upcoming release, "Waking the Mystics," the band offers an exciting and unique sound: bejeweled theatrical rock, French Opera and quirky indie-pop interwoven with tightly-layered harmonies, Louis XIV harpsicords, looped Eno-inspired guitars and twisted carnival accordians. The music seems to cast a prism of early Kate Bush, David Bowie, Roxy Music and Freddie Mercury. The music of Sophe Lux covers an engaging world of literary invention. "Marie-Antoinette Robot 2073" for example, is a rock opera in five parts. This song presents an imaginative commentary on how the age of technology alienates and erases identity, as seen through the eyes of a baroque robot struggling against an existential crisis. Another example, "Target Market," is a cunning attack on the relationship between consumerism, possession, hypnosis and sleep juxtaposed against a Russian waltz beat. Members of the Band are: Mercury Lux (Vocals), Jaguar Lux (Bass, Vocals), Fauna Lux (Accordion, Synth, Vocals, Puppets), D-Lux (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Kyote Lux (Guitars, Vocals) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.