Specimen was an 80s batcave British band. They have been described as being many different genres of music, including; Glam, Goth, Punk and Deathrock. Biography The band formed in Bristol, England during 1980. Their first show was at a street party celebrating the wedding of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. In 1982, the band relocated to Soho, London, where they would play many shows at the infamous club known as The Batcave, Specimen's vocalist Ollie Wisdom founded and ran the club during 1982-1983. Unusual for a keyboardist, Johnny Slut became the face of the band and its most famous member, due largely to his striking image and fashion sense. While the band were together, they never released a full album, only singles and an EP, although in 1997 two full-length compilations would be released featuring various Specimen songs. Post-Specimen After the band went its separate ways, guitarist Jon Klein worked with Siouxsie & the Banshees for a period of 7 years, before working with Sinéad O'Connor. Johnny Slut went on to work with The KLF, Adamski and is now in Atomizer. Current Lineup * Olli Wisdom - Vocals * Jon Klein - Guitar * Jonny Slut - Keyboards * Kev Mills - Bass * Chris Bell - Drums Previous Lineup * T.bias - Vocals, additional guitar, & keyboards * Jon Klein - Guitar, vocals * Stephan X - Guitar * Kimba - Bass * Tim Huthert - Drums Specimen Today 2008 saw the Batcave's 25th Anniversary celebration in London, for which Olli and Jon reassembled their favorite 1983/4 Specimen lineup including Jonny Slut, Kev Mills and Chris Bell. The band also played a headline slot at the 2008 Whitby Goth Festival and will play the Waves Gothic Festival in Leipzig in 2009. Olli and Jon were reunited for the first time in 20 years on the 2007 Electric Ballroom album, which was a series of collaborations with members new and old (see previous lineup). Discography *Specimen Alive at the Batcave (2009) Metropolis Records * Electric Ballroom (2007) Metropolis Records Compilations * Warm Wet Cling - Film Red Velvet Crush (1997) * Azoic (1997) E.P. * Batastrophe (1983) Single * Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1983) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.