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"SPEEDSWING sounds as if the ladies and gentlemen are on a musical journey through the deacades and had been taken the Best of them and merged it into something new and great." The beginnings SPEEDSWING developed from the Reunion gig of Old Skool Psychobilly band "Disturbance", which took place in May 2004. Disturbance had made an international name in the rock'n'roll scene with 3 releases in the mid-90s. By adding of 2 fixed saxophone players and a solid Trumpet girl they created a new sound. A blend of swing, punk, ska, rockabilly and surf. They named this mixture Speed Swing. Because the new style, new people, image and the old band name no longer fit to each other, they made the program to name: SPEEDSWING! Swingin U.S. & Japan In July 2004, the Band recorded a MCD in their rehearsal rom. The maker of Crazy Love Records (Germany's biggest label for Psychobilly / rockabilly), liked it so much that he offered SPEEDSWING a record contract. The MCD was published in November. Surprisingly, theactually quite simple recorded CD,went very well and achieved good sales figures also overseas. After the publication of the CD with a trombone player the SPEESWING family grew up to eight members. In March / April 2005 they got got back in the rehearsal to record the songs for a split-Fun_record with the Berlin hooded band White Pussy. Motto of the record was to play punk and metal classics in their own style of presentation. SPEEDSWING decided to play Marilyn Mansions "Beautiful People“ Dead Kennedy's "Holiday in Cambodia" and Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills". These recordings were released on the limited split 12" "Swingers Club" to their Germany tour in Oktober'05. The Germany tour was a great success for the band and therefore was fully booked. up to the end of the year. SPEEDSWING's cover version of "Holiday in Cambodia" becomes a littel club-hit and is an integral part in a set of relevant DJs. The New Album "ACHTUNG! SPEEDSWING!“ is out at September 2008! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.