There are multiple bands with the name Subterfuge: 1) Subterfuge was an early 80s Oi band from the UK. Released 2 demos in 1983. 2) Subterfuge was an early Californian punk / HC band around 1984. They recorded one 12' called Who's the Fool 3) Subterfuge is a Long Island hardcore band that started out in 1996. 4) Subterfuge is the name of a Goth Rock band from Australia; They were formed in 1993 by Clifford Ennis along with Rick Mullen and Brendan Toull in Melbourne, Australia. The band briefly recruited a 4th member (Jonathan Mee) and a self-titled demo tape was released in September 1993. One gig followed in December that year before Subterfuge were again working as a 3-piece band after they discarded with Jonathan’s services. In 1994 Subterfuge played one gig as a 3 piece band then Brendan left and Clifford and Rick decided to continue as a duo and started work on their debut CD EP Darkland Awakening. Work on the CD finished in March and it was released the following month to very favorable reviews. It was later described as being “one of the most fantastic releases of the genre of that era". Subterfuge played live around Australia between 1994-1998 and some new tracks appeared on compilation CDs. However a full album although promised, never eventuated. In 1996-1997 a collaboration between Clifford Ennis of Subterfuge and Chris McCarter of Ikon was produced. This side-project went under the name Jerusalem Syndrome and an album entitled “The Book of Days” was released during this time. Clifford also joined IKON and played guitar with them for 2 years in 2004/2005, (“Destroying the World to Save It” period). This comprised two European tours. In 2008 Clifford joined forces with Mark Tansley (ex SUSPIRIA) to form the band RAZORFADE. Discography: Subterfuge 1. When The Levee Breaks 2. Lady Of Mystery 3. Haborym 4. Pre-Dawn Hours Darkland Awakening EP 1. Darkland Awakening 2. Haborym 3. A Prayer for the Kindred 4. Pre-Dawn Hours 5. Darkland Awakening (Pray Hard mix) Compilation Tracks The Crystal Sky (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were) The Judas In Me (A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire) Curses (Dark Eyed... vol 2 & Strobelights Volume 1) The Judas In Me - Iscariot Mix (Eternal Chapter) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.