There are five artists with the name Sunlight. 1. Instrumental jazz-funk band from Moscow, Russia 2. Robert Biehn from Ridgecrest, CA 3. Short-lived 90s indie band from Edinburgh, Scotland. 4. Electronic music producer from Czech Republic. 5. Power/heavy metal band from Greece. 1. Sunlight, the instrumental jazz-funk band, was formed in Moscow, Russia, in 2002. The band consists of Nikolay Moiseenko (saxophone), Evgeny Lebedev (keyboards), Andrey Shilo (bass), Yury Topchiy (guitar) and Aleksey Kravtsow (drums). Sunlight quickly gained popularity in the Russian jazz club scene for their impressive live performances. Bandleaders Moiseenko and Lebedev are both students of Berkley College of Music, so Sunlight performs only when they return to Moscow on vacation. Their debut album "Live @ FM Club" was released in 2007. 2. The other Sunlight, who’s real name is Robert Biehn(pronounced Bean), from Ridgecrest, CA is an artist who is quite unique in heart and song. Having many details that could be released about him, we shall leave most of those to when they take up room in your mind and you find yourself writing him a letter, asking him that which you wish to know. Once received, he will gladly reply as soon as time permits. Now then, there are a few facts that will be told, for they are important to the character of Sunlight. The first is this: Sunlight is his own person, and there is none like him; just as there are none like you. He strives daily to better himself, for he knows he owes it to the Father, to himself, and to everyone of you. Whether you be strangers, fans, friends and family, he cares not your color nor your race or relation to him. You are you, as mentioned before, and that is enough to Sunlight. Bemusing himself is common, and he is often considered a deep and thoughtful thinker. Such intricate thoughts he often exposes through his music. Robert(Sunlight) believes in Hope, and he bases nearly everything he does off of that gleaming star, that prized feeling. Because he believes in Hope, he has got faith in you and me and the King of Heaven. Trying times are here in abundance, and even though many doubt it, he knows we have the capability to rescue ourselves. Sunlight’s music, writing, dedication, who he is, and most of all the personal Hope he holds is what he offers to you as his helping hand. He writes for you: the daughter or son, the mother or father, the hero or distressed, the broken and depressed. However, he is just a man who has his dream and hope to go with it. That light he tries to shine on others, to be there in song and in heart, when you are left alone. He is a man, a friend, a brother, a son; and a dreamer of dreams that can surely come true, like, yours, his, they are the stars in Heaven. That is Sunlight. Ridgecrest, CA, Robert Biehn 3. Formed in 1991 in Edinburgh, Scotland by four students Sunlight played pub and club gigs around Edinburgh and released a reasonably well received four track demo before moving on to other things. The band comprised of Phil Jones (Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Ross Angus (Guitar, Bass), Keith Patton (Guitar) and Stuart Morrison (Drums). Their music was an eclectic blend of many genres and influences, further varied by a tendency to constantly improvise and experiment. 4. Sunlight, the electronic music producer, begun in Písek, Czech Republic, in 2013. Sunlight quickly gained popularity on the Czech facebook for his impressive performances. Sunlight's real name is Kevin Kuijpers. 5. Sunlight, the power/heavy metal band, begun in Athens, Greece in 2009. They released their debut EP in 2011, and released their debut album "My Own Truth" in 2015. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.