Susumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota was an electronic artist from Japan. His roots are in House and Techno, DJing at events like "I Love Techno" in the early 90's. Over the years his music has progressed into Ambient and Ambient-Techno genres. He became quite famous around 2000-2001. Today, his discography includes some 30+ albums, encompassing several different styles of electronic music within them. On his most well known albums he uses spinning samples of piano, voice, guitar and rhythmic components to create a musical landscape filled with everchanging moods and complex song structure. His best albums are said to be: "Symbol" where he used samples of classical music pieces, melodies from Vivaldi, Shostakovitch, Mahler, Albinoni are found within it, "Sakura" (LEAF 2000) "Grinning Cat" (LEAF 2001), "The Boy and the tree" (LEAF 2002) and his last CD (with Vocals) "Wonder Waltz" (LO 2006). On "Wonder Waltz" he collaborated with Czech avant-garde violinist and singer Iva Bittová. Susumu Yokota died on the 27th of March 2015 after "a long period of medical treatment." Albums Frankfurt Tokyo Connection (1993) - Released under the alias "Yokota" Zen (1994) - Released under the alias "Ebi" Acid Mt. Fuji (1994) Plantation (1995) - Released under the alias "Ringo" Metronome Melody (1995) - Released under the alias "Prism" Ten (1995) - Released under the alias "Ebi" Anima Beat (1996) - Released under the alias "Anima Mundi" Cat, Mouse and Me (1996) - Released under the alias "Yokota" Fruit of the Room (1997) - Released under the alias "Stevia" Fallen Angel (1997) - Released under the alias "Prism" Greenpeace (1998) - Released under the alias "Stevia" Magic Thread (1998) 1998 (1998) Image 1983-1998 (September 13, 1999) 1999 (1999) Sakura (1999) Mix (1999) Zero (2000) - released in the UK on Exceptional Records Zero Remixes (2001) Grinning Cat (2001) Will (2001) Sound of Sky (2002) - released in the UK on Exceptional Records The Boy and the Tree (2002) Over Head (2003) Laputa (2003) Baroque (2004) Symbol (2004) Distant Sounds of Summer (2005) - in collaboration with Rothko Wonder Waltz (2006) Triple Time Dance (September 2006) – Techno in waltz time LOVE or DIE (eta May 2007) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.