Tarja > The Shadow Self Love To Hate


Love To Hate


Made of stone
Behind the walls
A heart afraid of breaking
Shades of fear
Stained your life
A child afraid of waking
Numb within
The sadness won't find you

No return
No way home
You're burning all the bridges
Stories told
I've read your book
Where anger writes the pages
Search within the empty words
The answers you'll find at the end

Who do you think you are?
I gave you the stars
You made them fall from the sky
So this is my goodbye

Swimming in the scarlet rain
Far away, far away
Embracing a thousand blades
Flies away, far away

Break the cage
Run against the flames
Distrust and bitterness
It dies today
Lose your rage, save what still remains
Despair and loneliness
Why you love to hate?

Washed the pain
Time in vain
Thinking of tomorrow
Dust of shame
No more rain
Brush away my sorrow