There are four bands with the name The Apples. The first is an Acid Jazz group from Israel. The second is a girl group from Czech Republic who perform 60's music. The third is a band from Belarus who perform Beatles and other's artists rock'n'roll songs. The fourth is a Scottish band from the 90's. The first group began in israel in 2002 with the core of electronic artists Schoolmaster & Mixmonster and the steadfast rhythm unit of Shai Ran and Yoni Halevy. The idea was to lay down a funk foundation laced with live samples and organic effects, with a jazz-based front line of improvising horns. The original sessions and concerts were non-stop sets of spontaneous, fresh compositions. Over the following two years of constant performing in small clubs as well as outdoor festivals and dancehalls, songs were established. The first album, MITZ (juice in Hebrew) is a compilation of these creations, captured on a single recording session in one small room. It has gone on to sell out its first three editions and to create a stir on the music scene, inspiring similar groups to pick up on the organic/electro audio vibe. The follow up, ATTENTION! (released October 2005)- finds the group delving deeper into old school funk, soul jazz, aggressive horn lines, wider turntable usage and middle-eastern beats. The Apples' music enjoys airtime on various radio stations and is featured on music television programs and commercials. The tunes are constantly growing and never sounds the same way twice, for the ensemble is forever changing up the format, responding to each other and to the audience's energy. Current band members are: Arthur Krasnobaev (Trumpet) Yaron Ouzana (Trombone) Oleg Nayman, Yuval Tabachnik (Saxophones) Shai Ran (Acoustic Bass) Yoni Halevy (Drums) DJ Todres, Schoolmaster (Turntables) and MixMonster on Sound Console & Live Effects. More info & music samples can be found on the band's website and MySpace The seconds are a girls' band performing music of the 60's. English sung part of our repertoire is formed not only The Apples by unforgettable hits of that era (by The Beatles, The Hollies, Neil Sedaka, Chubby Checker, and Lulu; others are from musicals Dirty Dancing, The Hair etc.). Theirs own songs in Czech have a mood of the 60's as well as big-beat dynamics of today. Current band members are: Helena Machová - drums Bára Panschabová - baskguitar, singer Radka Štěpánková - solo guitar, singer Karolína Rokosová - guitar, singer More info can be found on on the band's website. 4) The Apples were an indie-dance band from Scotland in the early 1990s. They were signed to Epic Records and comprised Ian Stoddart, Callum McNair and Willie Perry. McNair later went on to join The Bathers. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.