The Dazzlers

Three bands have used the name The Dazzlers: (1) The Dazzlers are actually 4 fresh dudes who try to approach music as broad-minded as possible. The goal is not to fear any genre or theme and to try touching the listener on as many different ways possible. This means from hard rock songs with English lyrics to sticky Dutch ballads. Fun, sadness, smiley faces, sticky hands ... The Dazzlers are going for it. (2) The Dazzlers was a four-piece power pop group from Cambridge in the U.K. They played in a very retro style deliberately reminiscent of British invasion groups such as The Who. The band released a lone LP in 1979. Charisma Records released three singles by them around the same time. (3) The Dazzlers was a French psychobilly band from the 80's, more info: (4) When The Dazzlers struck their first chords in 1955, the Lynchburg, Virginia-area teenagers had no idea they were on the front edge of a new breed of musicians. The five-man group was hired to back rockabilly king Jerry Lee Lewis in 1957. When Lewis didn't show, The Dazzlers got to play the whole show. That performance led to many others at sock hops and on dance shows across Virginia, and The Dazzlers even went on to open for Chuck Berry. The group recorded several songs at recording studios in Virginia and Tennessee, including "Why Do I Go On?" and "Kitty Kat." In 1961 The Dazzlers split up to pursue other dreams, but 40 years later, The Dazzlers are now playing on stage together again. As of 2009, The Dazzlers were the only known Virginia rockabilly band still performing with all the original members from the 1950s. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.