The Huntington Cads

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THE HUNTINGTON CADS Taking their name from ritzy Huntington Drive (NOT Beach) The Cads' sound brings to mind smoking jackets, liquor heavy mai tais and canned raviolis...not a surfboard in sight ! Think pre-Beatles British instrumental suave filtered thru sunny Southern California rickshaw. Fender Jazzmasters, 6-String Bass, acoustic(!) rhythm guitar, matching red sport jackets and layers o' reverb. The Huntington Cads and The Bomboras. Most have probably heard of The Bomboras due to their signing to the high-profile Zombie A Go-Go Records, CEO none other than Rob Zombie, and funded by Geffen/DGC/Dreamworks. Legend (or, at least, the Cads' bio) has it that both bands were originally one - the seminal surf band, The Finks. When they split, The Bomboras went for in-your-face antics while The Huntington Cads went for subtlety. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.