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1. The Limes are a band from Czech Republic which was formed in 2007 in Prague by 4 good friends from one school - Gymnázium Jana Keplera. During next few years they've been changing their members a bit, but the main creative duo - Jakub Jirásek and Daniel Baše - were always at the center of the band. From September 2011 their members are Jakub Jirásek, Daniel Baše, Štěpán Oves and Vojtěch Polák. In September 2012, they're going to release their first recorded material - an EP containing 5 songs. 2. The Limes are an inter-continental band consisting of Toy Fight, Orouni, Mina Tindle, John Hale and Henry Sparrow. Started with the simple idea of sharing musical ideas between the Atlantic, members submit material to each other to interpret and record. A large amount of "musical trust" is placed in each other, as well as the hope that fresh and interesting music can emerge from the crossing of borders. 3. Limes were formed in the fall of 2000 with Shawn Cripps guitar vocals-Harlan T Bobo on bass-Nick d Ray on drums-Jack Yarber on second guitar, releasing a single on solid sex lovey doll records than later a full length called Tarantula on death valley records in Australia a single on 'Nasty products' should be available in the next few weeks until i post songs here those curious ones can visit and listen for free ignore credit card symbols its donation only and a second full length is in the works Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.