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"The Oath" may refer to: 1) German doom metal band 2) French melodic black metal; 3) US black metal; 4) Das Oath 1). The Oath is a female fronted doom metal band from Berlin. They released their debut album All Must Die in march 2014. Line up: Johanna Sadonis (Vocals),Linnéa Olsson (Guitars), Simon Bouteloup (Bass), Andrew Prestidge (Drums). 2). The Oath is a French Melodic Black Metal quintet - formed in 1999 in a place called Rhône-Alpes. They self released two demos and two full-length albums, both of which were released on different record labels. The Oath is known for their highly rebellious themes featuring Misanthropy, Self-Destruction, Non-Conformity. On some degree they are somewhat Punk-influenced, in that context. Their album covers generally display some Misanthropic or rebellious historic entity. In 2000, they released their first demo known as "The Oath". It has four songs, that were recorded in Studio 666. And they were later somewhat recognized for their prior achievements, in this studio. The lineup included; Lord Ash - lead guitar, Destroyer - vocals and rhythm guitar, Djaevel - drums, Delph - keyboard and Felipe on bass. In 2002, they released a demo called "Présages... et Ténèbres" with eight songs. And the lyrics were actually recorded in English. The album contained eight songs with an intro and outro. It appeared to be nearly a serious full-length but, unfortunately they were not yet, impressed by any labels. The band started getting serious with their material and worked along the lines of concept albums. Although, due to their lack of recognition this put the band on hold but, fortunately, Shark Records found some of their demos and wanted to make a deal with them. The band realized it was time for them to start making new material. They produced a new album in 2007 called "The End Of Times". This is when their true misanthropic hatred came in and brought in twelve new tracks of evil. The total time of this album was running in approximately forty-five minutes. The band was on their way. And received recognition from various blogs and fan-sites. A label had decided to sign an even longer contract with the band a few months after. Code 666 Records wanted to get an even better quality album. And make everything even more professional. Therefore, they released an album called "4", in 2008. Some notable professional aspects included being recorded in Germany's Kohlekeller Studio by a good Metal producer Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner from popular band Crematory. Recent news regarding releasing a new album has been notified to the fans. In October 29th they are planning on releasing an album called "Self-Destructed" and they are becoming more active than ever. They have even started doing tours with bands such as Dark Tranquillity and have changed their whole imagery. 3). The Oath (US), Black Metal, 3 albums and 3 EP's. 4). Three-One-G's Das Oath has been called "The Oath," most notably on iTunes' older copy of the compilation album "Dynamite With a Laserbeam." It would be more correct to rename the band "Das Oath" in order to scrobble correctly. Get on that. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.