The Other Tribe

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There’s something dangerous threatening to come out from Bristol. It starts with darkness; smoke fills the room, and drums start a hypnotic pulse. By the time you’ve heard those drums, it’s way too late. Six silhouettes emerge from the dim and from then on you’re in for the most exhilarating, chaotic session of your life. Thrashing percussion, filthy dub step, throbbing sub-bass, screaming guitars and mechanistic techno are comfortably united within the chant-laden songs of this genre defying and defining band. Their live show, sculptured into the form of an exhilarating DJ set but with the raucous energy of a band, burns into memory your initiation into The Other Tribe. Don’t take it from me. Check it out for yourself. In a short space of time, the legend and hype surrounding The Other Tribe has grown. “It’s whispered…It’s almost dirty” purred the local student mag, Skint Magazine. “If you see one new band this year, make sure it’s the Other Tribe. I dare you not to dance.” Survive the Music blog adds: “Their live performances are nothing short of awe-inspiring”. When this band are put on in the second room in a club, the main room is mysteriously emptied whilst they go through their rituals; the converts only returning wide-eyed when the last echoed note has disappeared from the exhausted PA. In their home City of Bristol they have supported touring acts such as Kissy Sellout, Hadouken! Crystal Fighters, The Qemists, DJ Hype, Mystery Jets, and Chew Lips, and have added their tribal energy to Frankmusik, The Milk, and Pony Pony Run Run with their remixes. The guys of The Other Tribe are also no strangers to the DJ booth, providing the "sickest house and techno DJ set I seen to date" (Bass to the Face), whilst running their own night in Bristol, currently bunkered down at The Fleece. "I witnessed a perfect-for-festival’ set from an outfit called The Other Tribe. Cocky, rocky and deserving of the massive yell of the crowd that had thrown themselves around the dance floor." - Artful MTB Rocklands Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.