The Twilight Lieutenants

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The Austin based mid-fi genre pillaging outfit known as The Twilight Lieutenants is comprised of a couple cats hailing from vastly different backgrounds but sharing eclectic musical tastes. Luke was fronting popular Champaign IL area alt-rockers Solips while Mychal bounced around the globe in the Army composing electronic instrumentals on his laptop under the name Sleepy 5 Orchestra while sorely missing his guitars. The two met online in 2004 due to a mutual appreciation in styles and Luke proposed a side project. They would not meet in person until the summer of 2005 at a Solips live show in Austin. After a short conversation they immediately hit it off. Recording began in October of 2006 after the unfortunate demise of Solips. As proven in their independently recorded and produced debut album, Croix De Feu, The Twilight Lieutenants' introspective lyrics and skillful incorporation of a broad range of genres (from altrock to indietronic to electro to folk to glitchcore) truly sets them apart from the glut of cookie cutter bands crowding the music arena. ... Imagine the cathartic songwriting and powerful semi-spacey altrock guitar attack of Hum and The Smashing Pumpkins infused with cutting edge indietronic elements from acts like The Postal Service and Styrofoam...offset by quieter Yo La Tengo undertones. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.