These Hidden Hands

‘These Hidden Hands’ is the ongoing collaboration between Tommy Four Seven and Alain. After initially meeting at university in 2005, they discovered that they both shared a passion for the jungle and techno mix tapes that were staples of their respective childhoods, and it wasn't long until they teamed up to produce the Strix EP, that was to become the first release on Tommy's now-defunct Shooting Elvis imprint. Just a few months after graduating, whilst sitting in a pub in Shoreditch and pondering their shared sense of waning inspiration and discontentment with the London scene, they made the decision to relocate to Berlin, a key city with a vibrant musical landscape. They went on to each build studios in a former aluminium factory located in an industrial sector of Berlin. Alain designed his to be a mastering and recording studio, entitled 'One Million Mangos', which has since gone on to become an essential part of Berlin's independent music scene. Tommy, meanwhile, has cemented himself as one of the fiercest names in the new generation of Techno artists. Recently releasing on such prestigious labels as CLR, Stroboscopic Artefacts, and Electric Deluxe, he demonstrates a tough industrial-tinged sound that compliments his prolific discography - including but not limited to - his solo album Primate and the mysterious Bauhaus moniker with Chris Liebing. Coming together again after 4 years in the illustrious city, the duo have finally completed their much anticipated debut album as 'These Hidden Hands', that is set for release on their newly-minted creative platform, ‘Hidden Hundred’. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.