Tin Pot Operation

Let's start with the politics. Tin Pot Operation are angry. Angry about injustice, about oppression, about poverty, about unnecessary wars and abitrary power and corporate arrogance. But anger doesn't trap them into incoherent tirades. They are expressive and articulate, and what's more, their love of music flows over every word they sing. It's clear that they're inspired by punk in its directness and sincerity, but there's a lot of pop in there as well: harmonies, hooks and toe-tapping tunes. You can dance to pretty much all of it. People mention The Clash and The Jam, but that only captures a fraction of the band's scope. Throw in Television, Wire, Gang of Four, The Specials, and you still haven't got it. Musically, there is no "lead guitarist" or "lead vocal". The roles are constantly and effortlessly swapped between Anto and Ray. Drummer Brian is precise and perceptive, and bassplayer Shaz defines the core of each song, a genuine and unique virtuoso in the band. If you're lucky enough to hear them live (there's a European tour in Summer 2007) you can show that you're in the know by shouting for the classic "Bored Wi' Belfast", and if you want something on your iPod, the single "Blackeye" is available for purchase. (Check out the Tin Pot Operation website for locating the single on iTunes, Rhapsody & TuneTribe). www.myspace.com/tinpotoperation Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.