Tragic Black

Tragic Black is a five piece Deathrock/Darkwave band from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band was formed in the summer of 2000 by core members Vision and Vyle. Tragic black was a concept thought of by Vision in the summer of 2000. Vyle (keyboards), Ashe (guitar) & Vision (vocal) formed a trinity and performed live for the first time on Halloween of 2000. Shortly afterwards, Toni (bass) was admitted into the group on bass. Around 6 months later a new musician, Hex (rhythm guitar), was added and Ashe left. After only 3 shows Hex left the band to pursue other goals and the line-up remained as Vision, Vyle, and Toni until the Spring of 2002. Later that year, Stich (From All Gone Dead) joined Tragic Black as the new six-stringed bassist. Stich brought an entire new dynamic to the band and the music progressed greatly. Due to problems with Toni, in the summer of 2003 he was removed from the band on less than desirable terms. The line-up remained as Vision, Vyle, and Stich until the spring of 2004 when Stich left the band to pursue a marriage and his own goals. Still, he stayed for several months to play his last several shows with the band but soon afterwards, he moved to London to live with his wife Barb (DJane Darlin' Grave) and in time he began form his own band All Gone Dead. Tragic Black and Stich remain on ammacable terms and hope to soon tour together and bring the spirit of brotherhood back to the stage.Ashe was re-admitted into the band in the Spring of 2004 and played his first show with the band at the 2004 Rozz Williams memorial in Salt Lake City. In the fall of 2004, Hex returned to SLC and re-joined the band as bass player.In the Summer of 2005, Seputus joined as the new drummer. The band now incorporates elements of both electronic and real drums. After many self-released records, the band was approached by Strobelight Records in the Summer of 2005 and signed a deal. They released their third album The Decadent Requiem on February 17, 2006. On June 2, 2006, the band performed at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen along with acts such as All Gone Dead and Bloody Dead and Sexy. Later that summer, the band made an official announcement on their Myspace announcing that their guitarist, Ashe, had been removed from the band and a new line-up was in place. As of 2007, Hex has officially left the band for unknown reasons and has been replaced with Jesse James (who also plays guitar in the gothic rock band Redemption). Tragic Black released a new record titled "The Cold Caress" on August 17, 2007 on Strobelight Records as well as Shadowplay Records (Russia). New titled tracks from the album, "The Cold Caress", and "Bodies on the Avenue", are available for listen on their Myspace page. September 21, 2007, Stich returned to Tragic Black for about three years .Then as of February 2010 New guitarist, JohnnyV has joined the band and played on the recent TB gigs with Nitzer Ebb & Slick Idiot. Now the line up is: vISION - Lead Vocals, Vyle - Bass & Backing Vocals, Seputus - Drums, Programming & Backing Vocals, JohnnyV - Guitar & Backing Vocals. If you would like to book a show please contact them directly at their home page or via Twitter vISION has wrote a book about the Cold Caress and is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble under ISBN: 1607037823. Also has created side projects called Spectre Theatre and Corvid at this time is available for preview on Facebook and Myspace. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.