Tunes Of Dawn

Tunes Of Dawn is a Gothic Rock/Metal band from Germany. Through periods of walking through it and becoming Tunes Of Dawn have developed their own sound. The interweaving of pop-rocking beats, driving guitar riffs, bass lines and an oppressive between keyboard and guitar in addition to ongoing correspondence or melody line that leads to an experience of sound and word. Catchy hooks live peacefully side by side with sounds and melodies which are entirely worthy of the name now and then experimentally, considering that the four men musically, not just since yesterday the move, but began her career in 1993. Later, after 17 years and several hundred concerts, and numerous festival appearances, one is again clearly matured and has the style found, which is difficult to describe because of the many influences, but builds a bridge between underground and light and thus safe for everyone holds , for the hand-made rock music beyond the looking-the-superstar-wave has an open ear. Goose bumps and high recognition included. With a crying and one laughing eye to Tunes Of Dawn sit between two stools, both musically and lyrically. Was able to develop a flower that truly brings the art piece ready to shine in dark colors. In this diversity lies strength of expression. But it is both in the diversity of the band members and their influences, as well as individual experience and feeling justified each individual worlds. And everyone will always return its special way of bringing this into the overall concept. There is some end as abruptly as usual will hit only the life, or just the Tunes Of Dawn. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.