vk.com • facebook • bandcamp Hometown: Vitebsk, Belarus• Poznan, Poland Record Label: Lacerated Enemy Records Genre: technical death metal • brutal death metal • progressive death metal • blackened death metal Band Kirill Bobrik • All Guitars & Vocals Tomasz Wawrzak • Bass Wojtek Slavinsky • Drums Bio The Group was formed in far 1995 as V.E.L.D. Also began as Trash Metal: Andrey Semenjuk - bass/vocal, Konstantin Drozdov - guitars, Andrey Kudryavtsev - drums. In a current of year the material which have heard in a narrow circle меtalheads has been written down. Further in group there is a second guitarist Kirill Bobrik and V.E.L.D. develops active concert activity across Belarus and Russia. Performances together with: Gods Tower, Great Sorrow, Neglected Fields, Mental Home, Metal Corrosion, Galgen, Rossomahaar, Nomad and others, were positively reflected in development and group growth. Because of personal disagreements the group is left by Kirill Bobrik and creates the project KILLRY. Further V.E.L.D. Works over a new material "Time is Now" which leaves on Mass Cruelty prod. A badge of the manager of group in May 2001. Group music has turned towards high - speed Death/Trash. Together with DEMENTOR (Slovakia) and Evthanazia (Belarus), V.E.L.D. round "East Massacre - Triumph of Blasphemy Tour" across Belarus and Russia travels about. Reaction of fans was positive and the same year, in Minsk, the group plays with the Polish monsters Vader. Later V.E.L.D. again suffer changes in structure and in group Kirill Bobrik, but already in a role of the guitarist/vocalist comes back. Andrey Semenjuk becomes the sound technician of collective. The name varies on VELD. In a current of year the new program already in style Brutal Death Metal and in 2002, on label Fatal Ecstasy prod. carefully prepares. Leaves full CD "Infested With Rats Life". After this the group on "Hammermusic Fest 2" warms up the Norwegian legend MAYHEM. Further numerous performances with such groups as BEHEMOTH, VADER, SANATORIUM,INTERNAL SUFFERING, DECAPITATED, MAYHEM, SINISTER do VELD by one of leaders Belarus Brutal Death Metal. In 2003 group leave Konstantin Drozdov and Andrey Kudryavtsev owing to what in VELD arrive Anton Sheluho and Denis Krutik. Work on even more aggressive and high - speed program has actively begun, simultaneously with it the group conducts active concert activity. The summer of 2005 had been wrote down a new album "End Of All" which the same year left on label GO-Records. Same year band plays on festival METAL HEADS MISSION largest in the CIS, on one scene with monsters CENOTAPH, HYPONOS and legendary NAPALM DEATH. Further in support "End Of All" VELD travel about in long round - Ecstasy Of Absurd Tour 2005, across Belarus and Ukraine. Under bombardment of Brutal Death Metal there were seventeen cities. Then in 2006 the group has the first DVD ''Pure Hatred - Live Ecstasy". In 2007 VELD go in Kiev Zaglada Studio for record new album "Love - Anguish - Hate". After a recording of the album, on personal and musical disagreements, the group is left by the drummer and the bass player. Then hard search of new and more professional musicians which became guys from Poland - Studio Project SINSINITY has begun. Further in a current of long time the set of concerts in Poland, Czech Republic, Finland and Russia has been played. Structure VELD at last was definitively generated. Now the group actively goes on tour, works over a new material in Poland and is in search of a serious label. This year is planned the exit full DVD Overdose By Hatred with concerts in Poland and Finland and as an exit of a new single of group is planned. Simultaneously Kirill works over the solo project KILLRY, in style Instrumental Progressive Extreme Metal. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.