Valo Lankinen was born in 1980 in Finland and grew up in alternative and multicultural environments. Started his musical adventures as a child, studying violin, drums and percussions. His early influences come from classical music. He lost his heart and brain for electronic music as a teenager on his first acid trip. Started DJ┬┤ing and organizing psychedelic trance parties in local forests and underground clubs. Soon he started writing his own tracks. He has performed at countless events in Finland. Outside of Finland Valo has performed his music in countries like, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Holland, Estonia, Lithuania and U.K. In 2001 he produced his first psytrance album "Amethyst Lila" as Instant Sadhu. It was released in 2002 by a small Hare Krishna - sect and has sold almost 3000 pieces on the streets of Europe. After releasing "Amethyst Lila" he started his current project called Vishnudata. He also invited other musicians to bring their vibes and sounds on some of the new tracks that were written. Therefore there are vocals, throatsinging, instruments like electric guitar and flute in the mix with the digital electronica. Influences from psytrance, progressive trance / house, drum&bass, and ambient can be heard in this beautiful, dynamic and groovy music. In 2006 Valo signed to Space Boogie Produtions. As a DJ he preferes to play progressive, psychedelic and twisted dance music but also chill out and ambient. He is also active in a live dub-collective called Dreadlock Tales as the electric violin player. His latest violin features can be heard on "A state of constant change", the upcoming album from a finnish progressive metal band Insert Remedy. Space Boogie Productions proudly presents their second release, the debut album from the finnish producer Vishnudata (aka DJ Oval), named Dreamforce. It reflects his deep loving for electronic music, especially psytrance, progressive, drum & bass, downtempo and ambient. On this album also throatsinging, vocals, flute and electric guitar are performed by his friends in order to add some fine organic vibration into the mix. This is very interesting and emotional music for the dancefloor as well as for home listening. Source: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.