Visible Wind

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VISIBLE WIND from Montreal, Qc, Canada, was originally formed back in 1983 by talented multi-instrumentalist Stephen GEYSENS and prominent drummer Luc HÉBERT, who later on, in 1988 to be more accurate; will have between their line-up one of the all times greatest bassist Louis ROY, and guitar players, Claude RAINVILLE and Philippe WOOLGAR. That year, the band released their Prime Opera "Catharsis", with Christopher WELLS on vocals, who will be replaced by GEYSENS in 1991 taking over the microphone on the band's second production "A Moment Beyond Time". After all the constant ups and downs any band goes through once in a while or several times in life, they vertiginously reached to the pinnacle of their career with "Narcissus Goes to the Moon" in 1996. Perfection is strategically contemplated by this album from a peculiar point of view; it is transitional because the band explored complex pathways regarding the musical innovation by implementing few melodic didgeridoo preludes, sweet flute passages mostly all over the production and mind-blowing mellotron and organ arrangements to some of the compositions; it is exceptional because it kept the French-Canadian purity that sealed and distinguished their previous works; and it is challenging because it surpassed the limits of the "conceptual album" terminology. "Narcissus Goes to the Moon" is the ultimate consideration that tells symphonic progressive rock from what it's not, and I'm not just talking about what VISIBLE WIND achieved during the nineties, but up to present days where bands like THE FLOWER KINGS and SPOCK's BEARD could be more like the Canadian band, and hopefully, get to learn a thing or two that could come in quite handy to innovate the quality of their work instead of relying on worn-out formulas. Alberto Ramos Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.