Wankers United

Enigmatic artist of the French electronic music scene, nobody knows exactly when Tom, alias Wanker, started to make noise and beats. He doesn’t even remember himself. Young electro b-boy fed by the Detroit electro/techno and the break dance from the Bronx, he got his first hardware machine in 1991, before shifting for a Personal Computer in 1999. Master of efficiency as a Dj (we’ve seen him sharing the stage with Gescom and 808 State), he plays a hypnotic set, voyaging between ghost city’s blank hills and Sheffield’s haze. But he’s especially staggering when it’s about producing a rich and elegant electronica. He likes to dissect, to disperse, then to patch together synthetic vibrancy. Keeping a brilliant way to use effect’s combination, giving to his music a deep and bright aspect, we’ve rarely met so far, whose his last album “Inpujia” is a perfect example. We found in his music some minimal and dub resonances, but also a perfection concern, following the road of an exigent electronica legacy. As a true activist of the music scene, he co-founds the label Plastiqassion, he takes also the name of MEDIACOMPOSER for side projects, joins Poborsk in reuter & belter , and get partner in the DoWo_kun. When he plays live, wanker’s united has no limit and takes us in a gnawing sound motion, hovering between unstructured minimal, scratchy rhythms, and fascinating textures. He also throws parties, remixes artists, and as an counter-culture artist, emerges in his productions and with Plastiqpassion a music discharged of its marketing duty, feeding beyondeverything the only ambition to give pleasure to the audience. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.