When The Deadbolt Breaks

When the Deadbolt Breaks... God lights up a smoke in a flash of lightning. Inhaling a hollow smokey autumn wind of leaf and ash. Exhaling, his deep sigh thunders across a pitch sky, rolling with the turn of his head into the vast emptiness of space and ones heart. Eyes and sweat gleam with a second strike of Gods light as it cracks with the triggered hammer, and it is done. God's not watching anymore. Justice of a torn heart rips through the soul and veins of the assailant, as does the wet breath of un-watching faith, pulling the petals from their thorny stems across the threshold and her face.... The visionary soundtrack to ones demising justice, the painful retort of a broken heart. When the Deadbolt Breaks started in the mind of Aaron Lewis, while a member of long time Stoner Rock icons, Cable, in a dream one somber night. With Cables mutual parting of ways, a break from the full-time music scene was needed for collection, recollection, visions and creation. As Aaron Pieced together this audio emotion he realized it was one not to be lost and a recording project was born. Designed to be exclusively an emotional outlet for personal sanity. Musicians and friends were brought in to assist and enhance the recording. Ex-members of ClokSeed (Gish and Eric), Ed Black (Chavez), and Aarons wife, Cherilynne, with no boundaries or specific styles to hold them back, felt this vision of dark creativity, a ferocious engine fed on bitter revenge, brought their skills and emotions into this, the very moment... When the Deadbolt Breaks. Recording of the Debut album "In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine" began in June of 2005 and was completed in December of that same year. When the Deadbolt Breaks was signed in late January 2006 to Spare Change Records, and appeared for the first time live at the Cabot Street Pub in Chicopee MA, on March 26, 2006. When the Deadbolt Breaks Debut "In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine" will be released by Spare Change Records on May 2nd, 2006 Check out their site at Whenthedeadboltbreaks.com ... it will take you to their myspace page at myspace.com/whenthedeadboltbreaks Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.