1) Austrian solo artist 2) Power / thrash metal band from Czech Republic 3) Electronic music producer 4) Acid metal band from Novi Sad, Serbia 5) Bard physicist girl from Russia 1) A former member of trio Neurobot, since 2000 a solo artist who also performs in spontaneously created lineups (eg. with Thomas Ankersmit, Alexei Borisov, Xavier Charles, Phil Durrant, Facial Index, David Galbraith, Janko Hanushevsky, Martin Koller, Robert Piotrowicz, Ignaz Schick, Andrew Sharpley, Torben Tilly, Viön & Mem). He has played in Poland, Germany, Austria and France. He made 3 records with Neurobot: Normal Subjects (1998), Tarcza 9800 (2000), l.i.v.e.v.i.l. (2001) and 6 solo records Projekt Drei (2000), Mind Locations (2001), Atol Drone (2002), Superrecombination_sys (2002), Habitat (2004), Thinking Dust (2005). Neurobot's music explored the areas of improvised noise and power electronics, however, Wolfram's solo projects incline towards ambient music mixing blurred sounds in the foreground with the noise elements receded into the background. His slowly developing, mostly minimalist compositions are based on ambient and noise. The result of this fusion is music which seems calm, but is a full of tension underneath. Wolfram's latest album "Thinking Dust" has received enthousiastic reviews from music critics in Poland. 2) Czech metal band Wolfram was established in mid 80's (around 1983) in Prachatice by František Liška and Jiří Wagner. Shortly afterwards they were joined by the guitarist Roman "Krokus" Kříž. Since then the group had been called WOLFRAM. In the beginnig the group played mainly cover songs of bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, AC/DC, Accept, Helloween, Dio, Loudness and others. In spite of many changes of its vocalists and drummers, Wolfram kept on performing at dancing balls. However, in the end of 80's the personal changes led to the band's brakeup. In 90's Roman "Krokus" Kříž and František Jordák established a new band this time with their own music and lyrics. The post of the drummer was luckily filled by talanted Petr Šanda (only 15 years old back then), who had stayed with the band ever since. The vocal and bass positions were complicated as the people were changing quite often. The first demotape was recorded and the guitarist Franta Jordák worked with Petr Janda on his compilation "Čeští mistři rockové kytary" (Czech Masters of Rock Guitar). In 1994 Wolfram wrote its first record "Sál času" (The Hall of Time), recorded in the studio of Petr Janda - Propast, sung by Pavla Kapitánová who left shortly afterwards. Milan Fiala took her post and in 1997 the second album "Misanthrope" (Czech and English version) had been made. Recorded in "Hacienda" of Miloš Dodo Doležal in the town Žirovnice. Wolfram also contributed two songs for the compilation "Creations from a Morbid Society Part III." released by Taga Records. Franta Jordák left the band shortly afterwards. Roman "Krokus" Kříž anounced a break of the band. Petr Šanda plays with Colp but stayed in contact with Roman "Krokus" Kříž for the future. In 1999 "Liars in a Second Skin" had been prepared, and recorded in the studio "Hacienda" the same year. Petr "Doldy" Dolének sings on this album. In 2001 Roman "Krokus" Kříž wrote two compositions for the compilation "Chamber Metal - Neoclassical Metal Guitar" released by american label Dwell Records. In June 2002 "Liars in a Second Skin" was released by small Czech label Leviathan Records. In 2003 new Wolfram material "No Redemption" had been written and recorded in "Hacienda". Wolfram was at the time: Petr "Doldy" Dolenek - vocal, Petr Šanda - drums, Jaroslav Eliška - bass and Roman Krokus Kříž - guitars. In 2011 Wolfram re-recorded old demo songs with new lyrics in the form of "Rarity" (Rarities) album with singer Jarda Mach ... Wolfram @ myspace.com Wolfram @ facebook.com Wolfram @ youtube.com Wolfram (website) Wolfram @ bandzone.cz Wolfram @ metal-archives.com 3) Electronic music producer Wolfram @ youtube 4) Wolfram is a band from Novi Sad, Serbia. WOLFRAM was formed in 2011 when members of the band SEWN (Marko Dorić - Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards/Programming; Dušan Prentović - Drums/Percussion/Vocals; Aleksandar Apić - Bass/Vocals) decided to move in a different direction and take their music to a higher and more mature level. In the summer of 2012, they invited PRY’s guitarist Branislav Božanić to join them on one of the rehearsals and the collaboration was instant. Later on, in 2014, vocalist Jana Zurovac came along to fill all the possible gaps and round up the whole idea these guys had, and from that moment on, Wolfram’s line-up was complete. Their debut album “Music of the Heathen” was released on 10th of May 2015. With one official album per band member (with their previous bands) and with their musical experience reaching almost a decade now, Wolfram’s music becomes an uncompromising blend of melody, strong guitar riffs and electronics. Given it is quite difficult to determine the frame of their music and put in only one genre (covering everything from Post Metal/Rock, Psychedelic Stoner and Sludge, to Industrial, Big Beat, Alternative, Electronica..) they decided to take all these fibers which weave their unique sound, and coined the name of their own genre – Acid Metal. 5) Mila Nam, redhead girl from MSU. Her songs are mostly about the life of faculty of physics, widely known in narrow circles. http://www.youtube.com/user/WolframMusic/videos http://wolframmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/wolfram_music https://www.instagram.com/wolframmusic/ Read more on Last.fm. 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