Xose Manuel Budiño

Formed at Moaña’s Semente Nova school pipe in the early 80's. He participates in Xarabal pipe band and, in 1991, he founds the group "Fol de Niu". Then, he plays with bands like Altan (Ireland), Capercaillie (Scotland), Oskorri (Euskadi)... and with artists like Kepa Junkera, Uxía, Mercedes Peón… Galician from origin and universal because of his fado, convinced traveller; non-stop creator, innovative activist, dreamer of impossible melodies from a town where the wind converts into calm music. Xosé Manuel Budiño is an atypical artist. It's hard to find an artist who awakens the admiration among his people and among other artists in the tumultuous world of the Celtic music in Galicia. Xosé Manuel has been inspirited on small and tasty flavours of the traditional music, until he is proposed to create his own music: the music that will become tradition in a future, maybe tomorrow. Home is Xosé Manuel Budiño’s new album, a full of vitality work where melodies born from the experiences and the influences gathered throughout a year touring by the whole world in places like Sofia, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Dublin, Milan, Lebanon, Syria or Morocco. Xosé Manuel Budiño once again assumes the musical work of composition, arrangements, recording and production of the new album, but this time with the special collaboration of artists like: Jorge Pardo (sax), Paulo Borges (piano), Jacky Molard (violin), Paco Charlín bass, Mercedes Peón (voice), Carlos Castro (drums), Kepa Junkera (trikitixa), Xoel Lopez from Deluxe (voice), Antón Reixa... With Home, the Xosé Manuel Budiño’s new spectacle has born: a new band where the new technologies and the videocreations are mixed on live with the most organic roots, which is the case of the Galician drums. Home will be available from November 27th, according to the tenth anniversary of his first work. And with the album’s launching begins Xosé Manuel Budiño’s tour, that will take place over the scenes of the different multicultural worldwide… but the introducing is being on the UK festival across 2008, first of all, Glasgow’s Celtic Connections: January 19th at the Fruitmarket. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.