The colors are off in the desert, blown-out. It's the quality of the light from a brutal sun so close. In that weird glare, Ya Ya Boom grew. Maybe that's why the band sounds the way it does, the sonics vivid and warped, the beats like kernels in dry heat, the voices layered and saturated. It's a rock band. Vocals (Marisa Demarco), bass (Monica Demarco) and guitar (Carlos J.R. Garcia) and drums (Ryan Jarvis). But the clever timing, the orchestration, the atypical harmonies and the vocal brawn make it more difficult to nail down beyond that. Power prog pop? Maybe. Orchestral pop rox? Sure. Punk, like back in the day before the genre went rigid? Ok. Ya Ya Boom has been described all of these ways. The band released it's fourth LP in late November 2010. "Balloon Heart" sees Ya Ya Boom reaching across its borders though still happily in its element. The song lineup is diverse: A big bar rock song bangs its chest near experiments in blending effects; a simple dance number sweats on a creepy operatic track. Through the genre hopping, the band's skill and personality provide the glue. With a slot at South By Southwest this year and an ever-growing touring schedule, look for Ya Ya Boom in a club/ coffee shop/ house party/ DIY venue near you. Contact [email protected] Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.