Zen Lemonade

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To follow more news from them, please visit & like : http://www.facebook.com/zenlemonade Zen Lemonade is Psychedelic & Progressive Trance / Psychill / Downbeat unit of Gus Till & Super Cozi. Both already had a long musical career when they met in the end of 1999 in Australia where they both were on their own DJ tour. They had a similar background... Started their musical journey playing in punk bands, then totally got into computer programmed music. They immediately started to make music together and discovered the unique fusion style of the trance and downbeat sound they can create together. It was in the meeting of these 2 spirits that Zen Lemonade was born, with Cozi inspired by Yoko Ono's words from her classic poetry book 'Grape Fruits' : " If this is our karma, then let's squeeze our karma to make the best lemonade " They began making music together in Tokyo at the beginning of 2000 creating their own uniquely fusioned, genre bending sound. Soon afterward Cozi moved to England, They had setting up base in Devon where they forged their debut album "Lemon Soul " - This was released in 2002 on one of the Psychedelic Trance pioneer legend Youth's Dragonfly Label and immediately garnered critical acclaim. This saw them invited to play festivals/ gigs all over the world. Towards the end of 2002 they moved to Bali the 'Island of the Gods' . This mystic place's magnificent charm, it's rich hindu / animist culture and its cultural traditions of music / gamelans, dance and art made a distinct impression upon them. Since settling in Bali they have been amazingly productive, Gus having produced few ambient / downtempo albums, Cozi released solo albums from her own label Hypo=espresso Records, and together they released Loungecore compilation " Chillpresso ~ Dari Bali " 1 & 2 as well as releasing various downbeat tracks on Interchill, Dakini, Electronic Soundscapes, Liquid Sound Design and many others. In 2009 they released their long awaited 2nd full studio album " Babylondon " from greek label 'Electronic Soundscapes'. - this time a deep organic dubby fusion of Breaks, Jazz, Funk, Ambient and Rock with deeply rooted techno influence. 6 years since their first album, this had showcased their musical transformation, embodying full new psychedelic statements of the sort only they can make. Absolutely not just another 4/4 dance album but a whole new chapter of alternative electronic music, and with plenty of guitars, bass, percussion and gamelan, every track has a distinct dynamic groove - digitalized yet deeply organic. Thrilling soundscapes, tough yet delicate and featuring a cast of fantastic musicians ( including a special appearance by Steve Hillage of System7 ) . Year 2013, they are working on long waited Zen Lemonade second full dance album, also various chill out projects and both solo album. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.